October 27, 2007

Arunachala Land

This website will give current, accurate information about regulations governing the buying, selling, bequeathing and leasing of land and property in India, (in this case as it pertains particularly to Arunachala and surrounding countryside).

We will also be posting pragmatic information advising about problems, pitfalls and complications one may encounter while engaged in either buying, selling or leasing property or land.

As well as information about regulations, we will also be posting news about particular land and property available for either purchase or lease. We can immediately provide the additional service of land agent to prospective purchasers, to whom we will submit a well researched report; verifying ownership and land title, checking on neighbours and their future plans, ensuring proper access to land, reporting on fluctuating seasonal changes (i.e. is it land that gets flooded in heavy rains etc), determining quality and availability of ground water, ascertaining future Municipal developments (installation of unsightly electrical pylons etc) and in everyway ensuring that the land purchased has every advantage.

We will be developing additional services in the coming months in which we will facilitate and arrange land leases, with or without a house.

We welcome all queries and suggestions.

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