January 2, 2009

South of Hill

This week I visited friends who have a farm south of Arunachala. They have been inviting me out for a long time and had I realized the area was so charming would have made the trip much earlier.

The below photographs are of my friends five acre farm. The land is fertile and water abudant.

Sign posts declare that the Hill is 10 kms distant, however I expect it is much closer as 'the crow flies' - I think more like 7-8 kms.

In the below photograph I have taken a closeup -- check out the right-side to see the Arunachaleswarar Temple Gopurams. The Gopurams are clearly visible by the naked eye from my friends' land.

While I was out in the peaceful, charming countryside took my friends' cattle dogs for a nice walk. The area is surrounded by protected forest lands which act as natural reservoirs during the rainy season.

And in the distant some interesting hills, which again are protected reserve forest.

There is agricultural land available in this area. If you require information please drop me an email at the address top left corner of this Blog page.

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