March 23, 2011

Perumbakkam Land

A farmer at Perubakkam 6 kms south of Arunachala, is selling his five acre patta farm. Already 2 acres of this five acre parcel has been sold to a family who plan to make and live on a small farm, thus the remaining three acres of this parcel is being offered for sale.

Darshan of Arunachala is spectacular, and the area is a traditional, quiet, rustic Tamil agricultural area.

There is good direct access to the land.

And an excellent water supply.

The fencing marks the boundary of the two acres that has already been sold, the three acres adjacent to the fencing, is the land that is currently up for sale.

For details and information as to pricing, please get in touch usingthe 'contact me' at the left hand top of this page.

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