January 19, 2012

Solar-powered houses

The below interesting information on the development of Solar-powered houses by the State Government, recently appeared in State newspapers. Its certainly heartening to see such an ecologically-friendly initiative from the State Government.

The articles state that:

“Six months after the announcement in the Assembly, the chief minister’s solar-powered, green-powered scheme, that replaced the previous regime’s ‘Kalaignar housing scheme’, has gained momentum with the government issuing work orders to 60,000 rural beneficiaries. Many of them have also started constructing their dream houses.

“In the first phase, we have identified 60,000 beneficiaries across the state for 2011-2012. With 4,333 identified beneficiaries in Villupuram, which has more number of huts in the state, tops the beneficiaries list and 3,719 beneficiaries have been identified in Vellore district, while Tiruvannamalai district stands next with 3,038 beneficiaries,” sources in the government told Deccan Chronicle on Wednesday.

Similarly, 1,897 beneficiaries in Madurai, 2,801 in Salem, 2,427 in Tirunelveli, 1,531 in Thoothukudi will soon start constructing their houses.

Green houses will be constructed either replacing the existing structure or on land owned by the beneficiary elsewhere in the village panchayat.

Under this scheme, Rs 1.80 lakh will be allotted for each beneficiary with Rs 1.50 lakh for constructing a house measuring 300 square feet and the remaining Rs 30,000 for purchasing a solar-powered home lighting system, which will be installed by Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA).

All the houses must have rainwater harvesting system and be in cream and maroon colour. Unlike earlier schemes, this one provides for the entire cost to be borne by the state government.”

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