February 1, 2013

Mountain of Medicine Update

The Mountain of Medicine project has been underway since August 2003 and since then over 3,000 trees and shrubs of 170 different species have been successfully planted on the Hill, and a nursery has been started to provide the seedlings for the following years and for other reforestation efforts on the Hill. Seven local people are employed full time, with up to twenty-five being involved on a seasonal basis. 

Below is a pictorial representation of the current status of the Mountain of Medicine. Beautiful. 

Eventually the park will include: 

1. A fully functioning nursery. 

2. An area of cultivation of medicinal herbs of commercial value. 

3. An area of zero human interference to act as a control plot showing what natural regeneration is possible on Arunachala hill if biotic pressures are excluded. 

4. The creation of a showcase natural forest will full range of plant strata, with particular emphasis on medicinal plants. 

5. Cultivation of medicinal tree species and associated lianas and shade-loving herbs with a view to sustainable harvesting. 

6. An awareness and educational centre for the general public, farmers and young people. 

7. A living example of organic cultivation, pest control and maintenance. 

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