June 12, 2013

Hiking in Arunachala countryside

Even though the area close to the Hill is getting increasingly urbanised, there is still a plethora of unspoilt land in relative proximity to the Hill. The below photographs are of a day's hiking outing on land about eight kilometres southeast of Arunachala. From my house at the side of the Arunachala Samudra Eri, I can view hills in the distance and have always been eager to one day visit and investigate them. 

Goats are still very much part of the rural countryside

Farmer, with his bullock cart. Notice the electricity pylon in the background!

Pretty view from the Hills I was hiking

Land is Government Reserved Land

Rock formation on hills I can see from my own house

Inviting roadway taking me into Reserve Land

Spectacular Darshan of distant Arunachala

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