July 22, 2013

Duplex (2 Apartment House) Available Vediappanur Road

I have been asked by readers to start posting information about available houses and land in the Arunachala area. So here below are details of a completed Building for sale on Vediappanur Road, close to the girivalam roadway, Tiruvannamalai. 

Darshan of Arunachala from Vediappanur

Vediappanur is an area about 4-5 kilometres west of Ramana Ashram and is a peaceful, professional area populated by both Indians and non-Indians. 

Recently completed Duplex

Information about the recently completed duplex (house with downstairs and upstairs apartments are):- 

1. Total Area of site 2400 sq.ft. 
2. Constructed area on Ground Floor 1300 sq.ft. 
3. Constructed area on First Floor 1300 sq.ft. 

Receiving finishing touches to garden

4. Three face Electricity connections 2 numbers. 
5. Good Borewell with 1.5 H.P submersible motor. 
6. Front and Rear Gardens. 
7. Excellent darshan of Arunachala from west side of house. 

Excellent Arunachala Darshan in area

For more details of this newly built duplex, please email me at address located top left of this Blog page. 

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