September 14, 2013

Adiannamalai House specifications

As promised in the previous posting of a house (currently under construction) for sale in Adiannamamalai, below is a plan of the house plus specifications. 

For any more details please get in touch via my email contact at top left of this page.

Right click for enlargement

Total plot area = 938 square feet

The building size = 20’ x 27’ 

Porch 14’ x 6’ = 624 sq. ft. 

Two bed rooms, one hall, one kitchen, one com bath and toilet

Stairs to open terrace 

Borewell 320' deep 6" diameter: Borewell with 1 hp submersible pump 

Framed structure, Vengai wood main door, inside flush doors

Al. fab windows, 2 'x 2' vertified tiles, in and out Emulsion paint, Kundan electrical fittings. 

P.V.C. sanitation. 500 litre overhead tank

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