October 15, 2013

Act for Seed & Food Freedom

There is already a link on Arunachala Land for the website of Dr. Vandana Shiva. If you are interested in the agricultural independence of India, visit her website to find out more about the excellent work her organisation is engaged in regarding the protection of biological diversity. The organisation Navdanya is actively involved in the rejuvenation of indigenous knowledge and culture and in creating awareness of the hazards of genetic engineering. It is also in the forefront of defending people's knowledge from biopiracy and food rights in the face of globalisation and climate change. 

As well as the website there is also a Navdanya Blog with regular updates and information at this link here. 

Traditional farming in South India

Navdanya is a women centred movement for the protection of biological and cultural diversity. The organisation has recently been engaged in a civil movement (October 2nd to October 16th, 2013) known as the “Act for Seed and Food Freedom”.

For information on this, watch Dr. Vandana Shiva’s below Video.

Leaders of Big Agriculture are determined that world's populations remain ignorant about the serious health and environmental risks of genetically modified crops and industrial agriculture. Deep layers of deception and corruption underlie both the science favoring GMOs and the Corporations and Governments supporting them. 

Watch the below video, “Seeds of Death,” which exposes the truth about GMOs and pulls back the curtains to witness the planet's future if Big Agriculture's new green revolution becomes the dominant food supply. 

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