October 22, 2014

Beautiful parcel of land at Devanandal

This is a posting of a very beautiful parcel of land, previously agricultural, located in the peaceful, idyllic area of Devanandal. The land is approximately 1.75 acres in size and is gated. The perimeter of the land is protected by granite stones with barbed wire. The cost includes well which has a plentiful supply of sweet water. 

For more information as to conditions and cost please email via the contact icon located top left of this page.

Bund to left of land

To the left of the above photograph is a bund the other side of which has a large expanse of poramboke land which is used for grazing in the dry season and in the case of heavy rain, gets filled with water. The poramboke land can never get built on as it is a seasonal reservoir so provides a very nice buffer to this land parcel.

Arunachala darshan from land

Well on land with plentiful, sweet water

The 1.75 acre Land Parcel

Peaceful, idyllic area

Many trees including Coconut on the Land

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