January 2, 2016

Garden Nursery, Tiruvannamalai

Considering Tiruvannamalai is situated surrounded by countryside, there are not many Garden Nurseries located in this area. Fortunately several years ago a very nice Nursery i.e. "Sesha Nursery Garden", opened up next to NH66, about 4 kms from the Town Centre. The Nursery sells; Flowering Plants, Fruit Trees, Creepers and a large selection of Green Plants.

Yesterday I visited the Nursery to pick up some Rangoon Creepers, Ferns and a selection of bits and pieces. The plants at the Nursery are in excellent condition and everything is kept in good order.

Probably like most people, I find life easier when prices are clearly labelled and didn't appreciate having to haggle for every leaf and branch purchased at the Nursery . . . particularly as I succumbed to "haggling fatigue" early on, and probably ended up paying extra. Certainly when I return, will bring good backup to ensure a better deal!

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