April 5, 2018

Green corridor to connect Chennai and Salem

I am reproducing an article below which appeared in State newspapers at the end of February. Sadly it seems that even more development is proposed for this area, but until we are informed as to the exact location of the proposed “corridor” can’t make any predictions as to the ramifications of the development.

“In a major infrastructure boost to the high traffic Chennai–Salem sector, the Centre and the Tamil Nadu government have proposed a new Rs.10,000 crore Green Express Corridor to connect the two cities. The new corridor, planned via Harur and Tiruvannamalai, will reduce both the distance and travel time, as against the existing two routes - one via Ulundurpet and Athur and another via Vellore and Krishnagiri.

The proposed new route will be an Access Controlled Green Express Corridor and will connect the important temple town of Tiruvannamalai. It is believed that the “Corridor” will reduce the distance by about 60 km, from the present 360 km, and the the travel time from the present 6 hours to 3 hours. 

This will be the first such project to be undertaken in Tamil Nadu, on the lines of the Mumbai–Pune Expressway”. 

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