November 19, 2007

Know the Land Title

There are two basic types of land ownership in India - Patta and Peremboke; Patta land is privately owned and can be sold and purchased freely. Peremboke land is government owned property given to poor farmers to grow crops on or to live on. Farmers can pass peremboke land to their children to continue to farm from generation to generation, but they cannot sell it. It is a crime to do so and a crime to purchase it.

All peremboke land that is not being used for its original purpose of farming by the poor, will be repossessed by the Government. Those selling land or property illegally will be prosecuted and those who have purchased it will have it seized back by the Government.

There are numerous ways in which fraud is perpetrated. A lot of fraud involves Peremboke land mixed in with Patta land. There is also government land which is offered for sale by purported owners, but this is of course complete fraud.

I am posting these beautiful photographs of very nice land at Samudram Lake to show how difficult it is for someone not familiar with an area to know the separation of patta and peremboke land. Under no circumstances buy peremboke land – if the farmer refuses to sell his patta land without you buying his peremboke land – walk away – and avoid potential serious difficulties.

Some of the patta land in these photographs is in fact up for sale, if you would like to find out more about the land please get in touch for details.

A hint to potential land purchasers at Tiruvannamalai, be specially alert around water catchment areas, because oftentimes the land surrounding such spots is peremboke land. In the case of Samudram, the 700 natural reservoir direct south of Arunachala, the whole lake is ringed with peremboke land. Check very carefully if buying in this area.

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