February 5, 2008


There is a large 10 acre parcel of land for sale outside a village on the northside of Arunachala located about 2 kms from the base of the Hill. The land is pristine, in excellent condition and suitable for either a farm, ashram or private homes and most importantly is located in a quiet, silent area.

The owner of the land is willing to sell the parcel in its entirety or by the individual acre, or even in smaller amounts (i.e. 1/4 acre) suitable for an individual home with large garden.

Already work is underway fencing the complete 10 acre parcel of land, to ensure security and privacy. The name of this protected area will be known as Shantivanam (i.e. forest of peace) and specially suitable for both Westerners or Indians who live away from Arunachala during part of the year.

There are 2 excellent agricultural tanks on the land. Also, ground water is only about 40 feet deep, thus sweet, clean water is easily available via individual borewells.

The land has been cultivated over the years so is in a well maintained, fertile condition.

At one end of the land is currently a young banana plantation.

Directly to the east of the land is a 230 acre 'poramboke' reserved Government land which is used as a catchment area for water that drains of Arunachala in the rainy season. Thus regardless of Arunachala land development elsewhere, in this particular area, there will be large tracts of protected, open land.

In addition to open areas of nearby land, within a couple of hundred yards, is reserved government hill lands, which are available for hiking and walking.

The land owner, who is a local professional living at Arunachala will be happy to build homes under contract on behalf of land purchasers. For more information and details about this beautiful Shantivanam land, you can get in touch with us at: arunachalana at fastmail dot fm


advaitam said...


is your email id correct? i sent mail and it bounced back. please revert.

Arunachala Living said...

Hi Advaitam:

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Vivien Butler said...

Totally love this land. I heard Mother Meera was very interested in buying it one time - then figured the cost of ten acres were out of their budget!