April 23, 2008

10 Kms from Arunachala

These are photographs of the land which is around 10 Kms from Arunachala. The hills are reserve forest land which belongs to the Government.

This land has NOT been cultivated and there are no agricultural water tanks - it is just sitting quietly - waiting! Depending on your wish up to 30 acres are available at Rupees 2.5 Lakhs an acre (One Lakh is U.S.$ Rs.2,500). Water is plentiful.

I know this area as I have been out in the hills behind the land for walks. Its so peaceful, so quiet, really lovely. Totally different energy for closer to Tiruvannamalai - and I think an ideal place to have an ashram or facility.

From the land there is a very nice darshan of Arunachala. (p.s. The car in front of Arunachala is the one we were using).

For more information about this land, located ten kilometres from Arunachala, please email: arunachalana@fastmail.fm

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