April 23, 2008

25 Kms from Arunachala Hill

All the land in this sequence of photographs are part of an estate up for sale. The Estate has three large agricultural water tanks, a large warehouse, underground water pipe system, a private road going through the land - which all belongs to the Estate. The entire Estate is surrounded by a Government forest range - so totally isolated, private and cannot be comprised.

Because of its position, Arunachala cannot be seen from the land. In all cases the Hills extend hundred of miles and are part of Government protected Reserve Forests.

The possibilities of purchase are:
35 acres
55 acres
Or 90 acres

The total size of the estate is 90 acres - so if you were able to buy it all, everything in the photos as far as you can see, except for the Government Hills would belong to your organisation. However you DONT have to buy the whole of the estate. You can cherry pick.

Regardless of how much or how little you were to buy the price is the same i.e. Rupees 2.7 Lakhs per acre (i.e. One Lakh Rupees is U.S.$2,500)

The water table throughout the land is excellent.

The next couple of photographs show the private road which runs through the 90 acre estate.

The below is part of the excellent irrigation system on the land, which comprises three very large agricultural tanks and many ancillary smaller supply tanks. There is also an underground pipe system supplying the whole estate.

The land has been well maintained and is in impeccable condition. Even now most of the land is under cultivation.

For more information email: arunachalana@fastmail.fm

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