April 1, 2008

Email Update for Shantivanam Land

Our previous post details land available on the northside of Arunachala. The owner of this land has recently informed us he is currently building two Western style homes on the 10 acre land, each with its own twenty cent compound (i.e. one fifth of an acre). He is prepared to do the same for other interested parties or sell the remaining land in customised parcels to suit the individual needs of purchasers.

We will be posting sketches of the two homes currently under construction in the course of this coming week. So please check back.

Sorry if you are having problems with the fastmail address. If you wish to get in touch for more information about the Shantivanam Land, please contact:



Anonymous said...

thanks for the update. how about something on chengam road which falls south of the hill?

Arunachala Living said...

The photographs I have posted on:


are of land just off the Chengham Road. And a very nice area it it too. If you need some specific land in that area, let me know as will be checking it out this upcoming week.