July 1, 2008

Apartment Water Supply

The more educated you are regarding the way the apartment is handling water, the better decision you are likely to make and one that will benefit you immensely in the long term. The builder does not have a natural incentive to think about wise water management as most of us don’t consider this seriously when buying an apartment. If we demand better water management from the builders, they will automatically respond.

About planning for the water supply:
What is the builders’ estimate how much water the building likely to consume daily? What has been the basis for calculation of different water requirement? Where is the water supply for the building going to come from? What is the realistic picture for the availability of water from different sources that they are planning for? What is the backup in case the planned option runs into difficulties? If Municipal water supply, what has been the trend of supply in that area ? If water tankers, where is the tanker supplier getting the water from ? Is the supply likely to be viable in the longer term ? What about potability of water source, have they tested the water quality ?

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Anonymous said...

Just checked out the India Water Portal site, great information. Thanks for the link.