July 1, 2008

Karianthal - 14 kms from Big Temple

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The small parcel of land for sale is the brown, uncultivated land on the below video.

A young student (to gain funds for further studies) has been in touch with us wishing to sell a small part (i.e. 40 cents - 0.4 of an acre) of his family’s agricultural land at Karianthal which is about 14 kms from the Big Temple. The land is parallel to the railway line that connects Tiruvannamalai-Vellore and the railway line is 400 meters off the Tiruvannamalai to Vellore National Highway. The land which has neither electricity or running water is priced very reasonably for a quick sale.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck to the student that he makes a sale and gets money for his education. You just need one lucky break right?

Anonymous said...


i do not think its a good idea to sell the land. If the student needs the money for his / her studies, i m sure i can contribute what i can for the expenses. may not be much but at least he / she do not to let go of the plot.