January 29, 2009

More Farming Land, South Arunachala

Below are photographs of some beautiful, fertile agricultural land located about 8-10 kms from Arunachala. As well as being set in tranquil surroundings, it is also flanked by reserved forest government land - providing a buffer of forest that will never be developed.

The land for sale is two and a half acres (2 1/2) which is a portion of the six and a half acre (6 1/2) farm pictured in the below two photographs.

In the below photograph, on the right side are acacia bushes and trees at the border of the farm and to the left is a roadway at the edge of government reserved land.

The next photograph is another of the government reserve land which becomes filled with water during the rainy season. In the background is a hill range which is designated as Government reserved forest land.

This beautiful agricultural land is far from the noise and urban sprawl of the township of Tiruvannamalai, however it is close enough to allow one to be able to enjoy both the power of the Hill and also its unique darshan.

To view more photographs of the area check out this earlier posting I made of my visit to the nearby farm of my friends.

For information regarding the pricing of this land and to arrange a visit, please email at the above contact address at the top left corner of this page.

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