March 30, 2009

Beautiful Arunachala Land

The below is a sequence of photographs of a four acre parcel of land up for sale. The land is located about 7-8 kms (as the crow flies) from Arunachala and is located in a peaceful, rural unspoilt area.

The land is in pristine condition and is currently under paddy (rice) cultivation.

Water is sweet, plentiful and easily available.

The land is surrounded by other farms also under cultivation. The area is unspoilt and there are no quarries, electricity pylons or polluting industries nearby.

The land is easily accessed by a direct, well maintained village roadway.

The view of Arunachala is spectacular.

The area is surrounded by reservoir areas and Forest Hills -- so future development of this area will be limited thereby the land and surrounding place will retain its pristine, unspoilt rural ethos.

For further information please get in touch through email -- information at the top left corner of this page.


Karl Jacob said...

would u mind to tell the price for this parcel ?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

For all prices and specifications, please get in touch at: