April 30, 2009

Ashoka Apartments

[Plans updated on June 25th, 2009]

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In response to requests from readers of Arunachala Land, I am now posting drawings of the plans of the Ashoka Apartments, Ramana Nagar to be built opposite Sadhu Om Colony down the road from the Post Office.

The Ashoka Apartments will have 15 apartments, 6 of which will be for direct purchase and the remaining 9 apartments will be available for rent on 3 year Long Leases.

The Complex is 3 storey with secure perimeter gate. Each apartment will have a balcony facing outward and will be facing inward towards a centre arboreum (garden). Special facilites offered at this Complex include: meditation hall on roof, lift, 24-hour security, basement car parking and laundry room in basement.

Ground Floor

1st Floor

2nd Floor

Apartment Specifications

Ground Floor

Apartment A = 397.4 sq ft

Apartment B = 343 sq ft

Apartment C = 473 sq ft

Apartment D = 1219 sq ft

First Floor

Apartment E = 467 sq ft

Apartment F = 349 sq ft

Apartment G = 488 sq ft

Apartment H = 488 sq ft

Apartment I = 349 sq ft

Apartment J = 467 sq ft

Second Floor

Apartment K = 467 sq ft

Apartment L = 349 sq ft

Apartment M = 488. sq ft

Apartment N = 488 sq ft

Apartment 0 = 348 sq ft

Apartment P = 467 sq ft

Plinth Area in Square Feet (i.e. carpet area + balcony)

Please keep checking back as I will be posting more information, including drawings of what the completed apartments will look like. For specific enquiries please email me direct:

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