January 27, 2010

Serene Countryside

The below series of photographs are of pristine, agricultural land located south of Arunachala. Take the Sathanur Dam roadway for about 7 kms south and then turn right into the countryside -- which lays at the back of the Samudram Erie.

The land is flat except for a hilly mound surrounded by trees in which currently stands the shell of a simple house and a cow shed.

Water is in abundant supply and can be found at an easy level.

The beginning of Reserve Forest lies a couple of fields away from the land, making the whole area open and peaceful.

The land is about 10 kms from Tiruvannamalai which means it will be spared from developers, but is only about 6 kms from the base of Arunachala (as the crow flies).

This land parcel consists of 4.8 acres.

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