January 27, 2010

Tharadepet Village

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This beautiful agricultural land is located on the outskirts of Tharadapet Village and is about 12 kms (as the crow flies) southwest of Arunachala but about 18 Kms by roadway. The land is reached by leaving Tiruvannamalai on the road to Sathanur Dam and then turning right after about 10 kms into the surrounding countryside.

Arunachala is clearly visible from the land but on the day we visited the Hill was surrounded by mist so wasn’t able to take a photograph of Arunachala from the land.

The land has two agricultural tanks (one appears in the photos). The hand drawn sketch of the land will give an idea of its location and shape. Apparently some of the land has not been farmed for several years so in places is overgrown.

The size of the land for sale is 10.40 acres.

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