April 27, 2011

5 Acre Parcel (#1) Sirupakkam

The below series of photographs is of a 5 acre parcel of red soil land situated at Sirupakkam. The current owner has full patta title.

The land which is both suitable for organic and traditional farming, has a large agricultural well that has abundant sweet water throughout the year. Arunachala darshan is excellent.

To avoid any complication with access the owner of this land wishes to sell it in conjunction with the 5 acre parcel mentioned in the next posting (5 Acre Parcel #2 Sirupakkam) at this link here:

All serious independent parties interested in more information, including price, are invited to get in touch using the 'contact me' facility at the top of this page.


Anonymous said...

I visited Sirupakkam recently and its gorgeous -- can't understand why more people aren't interested. And then I learnt that there have been some controversies over caste land sales.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Yes, its true lots of possibilities for dispute as there is a lot of land reserved for certain castes that THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL. So be very careful -- get a lawyer or someone very knowledgeable to check out all purchases.

One more thing don't buy land in the dry season. Buy land in the rainy season -- you will be surprised at how much land gets flooded out for 3-5 months a year during the rainy season.