August 28, 2011

Land 5 Kms from Arunachala

Some information and photographs below on beautiful agricultural land located 5 kms from Arunachala. The water table is good – around 80 feet – but there is no current well or electricity on the land. There are four pieces of land, fully Patta, owned by the one man which comprise: 1.66 acres, 1.37 acres, 3.66 acres and 2.5 acres (total 9.19 acres available). The owner is willing to sell one or any number of the 4 adjacent plots.

To view more photographs and information please check out my link at this address.

A wide access road of around 30 feet in length (leading to the Municipal road) has just been created which runs directly onto the land. The seller will ensure passage upon purchase of one, or any number of the four available parcels.

Sketch of Land

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