April 18, 2011

6.4 acres at Perubakkam

This rustic, unspoilt agricultural area of Perubakkam by road is about 7 kms from the Hill, and as the bird flies, located at around 5 kms from Arunachala. There is a good direct access road to the land.

The cottage with crops belongs
to neighbouring farm

Good direct access to land

The land in this posting is 6.4 acres and comprises two sets of land being sold at one time. The smaller piece is 1 acre and has its own well, the larger piece is 5.4 acres and also has a separate well. This patta land must be sold as one parcel of 6.4 acres.

One of the wells

The soil is red loam and has plentiful sweet water. Currently ground nuts and sugar cane is under cultivation.

The seller is ready to sell without delay. For information as to pricing, please get in touch at the ‘contact me’ facility on this blog.

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