February 22, 2012

Ramana Nagar Plot Sales

The land photographs below are of plots located directly opposite the Ramana Nagar Post office and a two minute walk from Chengam road and Ramana Ashram.

Supposedly the land has been under dispute for some time, which I've heard is now resolved. Thus far this land is unquestionably the MOST expensive land being sold in the Ramana Nagar area (although I have heard of more expensive plots for sale that are located in the streets around the Arunachaleswarar Temple).

The land is being sold in 1,800 square feet plots (60 feet by 30 feet) at the rate of Rs.2,800/- a square foot. Which means before Registration and Land Tax, the current asking price for a 1,800 square foot plot comes to Rs.50.4 Lakhs. Even if your pockets are deep, remember to negotiate.

Expect the high price will ensure that the area will be populated almost exclusively by commercial ventures, large showrooms, National stores and hotels. I believe several pieces of land have already been sold.

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