July 20, 2014

Ring Road, Pictorial History July 2014

Yesterday, Sunday July 20, on my way home from the Rangammal Hospital and my appointment with Dr. Ratna Vel a visiting dermatologist from Apollo Hospital, Chennai, decided to walk back via the Ring Road which is currently under construction. 

The almost 2 km section of the Ring Road I was walking on, cuts through virgin countryside at the back of the Samudram Eri south of Arunachala. The area is very familiar to me as I often walked my doggies through the hitherto unspoilt countryside at the back of the Samudram. 

I recently talked with an Engineer involved in the Ring Road construction and he mentioned that this section of the road is expected to be fully completed and open within 2 years. 

The road is being built to eventually accommodate 4 traffic lanes

Perumbakkam road bisecting the Ring Road at junction

Road although unoffically opened is already being used by local traffic

View of farmland from the Ring Road

One of the many culverts that will be run under the Road carrying water to the Samudram Eri

Large country house, its 10 acre land has been bisected by the encroaching Ring Road
Lorries and even local buses already using this section of the Ring Road

Another Farm which has been bisected by the ring Road

Small community of Samudram Village

View of Samudram Eri with Arunachala Hill in the background

Another Culvert being incorporated under the Ring Road
Closer view of the same culvert, water will be channelled onto the Samudram underneath the bridge

Some house nearby is going to be getting a nice thatched roof!
View of the beautiful hills surrounding this part of Tiruvannamalai

Bund on the side of the Samudram Eri, nearly at my destination

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