September 3, 2014

Zoning regulations for Tiruvannamalai apartments

A number of readers have been in touch requesting information about purchasing apartments at Tiruvannamalai. The fact is due to Municipal regulations it is not possible for individuals to purchase apartments in a building which shares a common plot. In many other places in Tamil Nadu this anomaly has been eliminated and in cities such as Chennai, apartment purchasing is safe and uncomplicated.

Until regulations change, the only alternative is to get together with an organisation such as a Trust or Ashram which builds and owns the apartment complex in the name of their Trust. Thereupon that Trust issues a Deed of ownership to the purchaser.

As an example I am posting an apartment block currently under construction by the Siva Sannidhi Trust. All the apartments in the block have already been purchased. This particular complex is located a 2 minute walk from Ramana Nagar Post Office and Ashram. 

From what I understand if an investor wants to sell their allocated apartment, they are legally required to sell the apartment Deed to the Siva Sannidhi Trust -- not to an independent purchaser. In addition in the case of apartments built by Siva Sannidhi,  if a purchaser is not in permanent occupation, the Trust retains the right to let the apartment out to others. 

Siva Sannidhi will be building another two apartment complexes once the current project is completed later this year. At that time, it will be possible to meet with that organisation and discuss the possibility of purchasing an apartment unit. Both sites allocated for future development are within walking distance of Ramana Ashram. 

Complex currently under construction

Area around the development

View of Arunachala from Apartment Complex

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Divya said...

How is the water situation there? I know in many places in India the ground water levels are so low that buildings often run out of water and one must purchase water through tankers.