April 11, 2017

Construction of 1,000 Gabion Check Dams

Gabion Structure created at Thumbakkadu Village, Javadi Hills

A new watershed mission has been launched at Tiruvannamalai District to facilitate the ground water table during rainy seasons. 

For this purpose 10,000 Gabion Check Dams with recharge pits are to be constructed across water courses at Tiruvannamalai District. At present, sanction for 1,000 such structures has been given at an estimated cost of 9.25 crore. 

At each structure, small rough boulders will be stacked without mortar into a retaining check dam across the currently dry water stream courses. To prevent the stacked boulders being washed away in upcoming rainy seasons, they will be held by mesh. Near each wall a recharge pit is to be dug and contain a 50 foot deep borewell. 

When it rains the Gabion walls temporarily retain water and slow its course thereby helping the water to percolate and improve the water table. The borewells in the recharge pits directly take water to the depth of 50 feet in order to recharge the water table. Construction of 32 Gabion Structures has already been completed and further constructions are expected to be expedited. 

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