April 11, 2017

Tank Maintenance Scheme at Tiruvannamalai District

Bund at irrigation tank, Kozhunthampattu Village

A system of maintenance of irrigation tanks has been introduced at Tiruvannamalai. This system is known as ‘Kudimaramathu’ in which a community takes responsibility for the maintenance of a water tank. 

100 crores has been allocated to this project in Tamil Nadu. Tiruvannamalai will receive 1.33 crore to carry out the maintenance of 18 tanks at: Mel Karippur, Kozhunthampattu, Radhapuram, Keel Vanakkambadi, Sorppanandhal, Mel Pennathur, Mel Chengam Pudur, Mel Vanakkambadi, Beemanandhal, Allappanur, Edathanur, Sadhakuppam, Mazhuvambattu, Serppapattu, Kungilinatham, Then Karumbalur, Kottaiyur and Vanapuram villages. 

The work entails clearing acacia bushes, repairing bunds, implementing outlining works in outlet canals and replacing disturbed boundary stones. It is anticipated that 10% of project cost will be taken care of by those connected with the specific tanks and the cost of labour and construction materials, will be funded by the Government. 

In connection with such irrigation tank works, a 550 metre long bund was recently strengthened at Kozhunthampattu under the scheme. The 18 tanks taken under the scheme irrigate 2050 acres of land. 

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